A smile is priceless, however the average out of pocket cost
of a child’s braces is a whopping $4,332.
Seriously… That is a lot of money.

If you have/are:
  • Family;
  • Retirees looking at moving to dentures;…
  • Or anyone who is expecting to be at the dentist more than twice a year (which one of those being a preventive check-up).

You might wanna consider getting this.
But before that, let’s learn more about Dental Insurance first, shall we?

Dental Insurance and How it Works

On the market, you will find a wide variety of dental insurance plans from which to choose. Some popular plans include PPO, capitation (DHMO), EPO, point of sale, direct reimbursement, table, discount, and indemnity plans. To identify the best dental insurance plans, familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions associated with these plans.

An indemnity dental plan provides coverage on procedures performed as a percentage of the related costs. In most cases, you can select your preferred dentist and the plan may come with a maximum allowance for specific dental procedures.  A Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) plan, on the other hand, is a type of indemnity plan that comes with a network of dentists.

A capitation plan pays dentists a predetermined amount in advance.  Physicians receive the payments monthly for patients assigned to them. In turn, you receive specific services at reduced charges or no cost.

With the Direct Reimbursement (DR) plan, you can use the services of your preferred dentist. You either pay the practitioner directly or the plan assigns the payment to the dental practice.

You already picked a plan, now you can execute.

Dental Insurance: Worth it or Not?

Dental insurance is a necessity that provides peace of mind for your entire family. Nowadays maintaining a healthy smile, teeth, and gums can cost you an arm and a leg. A dental plan helps you prepare any eventualities, which can occur even when you brush or floss regularly. Infections, accidents, and other oral complications can trigger major problems that require urgent intervention.

From refills to tooth extractions, you should keep your family covered with a comprehensive plan that includes routine oral care and major procedures. The best dental insurance plans help prevent the development of severe gum diseases and other conditions. Many people without this type of insurance end up living with uncomfortable dental conditions, such as missing or crooked teeth.

Furthermore, individuals who cannot afford regular cleanings and check-ups may suffer due to decayed teeth, which, at some point, were a minor, fixable dental problem. Likewise, you may develop gum disease due to tartar build-up. The ideal dental plan keeps you covered for preventative oral care, regular check-ups, and emergency procedures.

Preventative care eliminates the possibility of developing serious issues that cost more to rectify. With a great plan, you can afford to visit your dental practitioner regularly without worrying about payments. It can also save a significant amount of money since you only need to pay a small monthly premium.

Imagine if something like this happens.
Something Is Not Right: You have been noticing a pain in your back tooth for a few weeks and it’s starting to become concerning.

Who knew these stuff can be so expensive?

Fortunately, CleverPolicy has Your Back…And Teeth: Thanks to your Dental Insurance, the out of pocket costs of root canal surgery is dramatically reduced. You can now take preventive appointments for low cost every 2 months to ensure it won’t happen again.

You receive your money fast and easy: Thanks to your claim you now have your money back.
Your Total Cost would be [$602.00 ]

Luckily, for you CleverPolicy has your back.

Saving you [$602.00 ]


Cost less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks.
You deserve the peace of mind.

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