Could You Afforda 1 Night stay in Hospital Bed, with Out ofPocket Costs of up to $2,289 per Night?


To take full advantage of the available plans. you need to familiarize yourself with the hospital indemnity definition.
But, how many of us really understand what this insurance is all about?
According to a research study conducted by the university of Michigan, charges for hospital stays have been increasing gradually over the years.
The harsh reality is that most medical insurance plans leave patients with the burden of cat-of-prxket expenses. co-pays, and deductibles. Fortunately, hospital indemnity insurance is a viable Olution which provides daily benefit amounts to cover hospital stays.

So, What is Hospital
Indemnity Insurance Really?


Hospital Indemnity insurance protects you from the heavy out of pocket costs of staying in a hospital bed which is likely to occur during your lifetime.


Hospital indemnity can give you peace of mind since it allows you to claim a specific amount for overnight stays. It closes gaps in health insurance coverage. This type of medical insurance is particularly useful when your savings cannot cover bills for unexpected hospital stays. You can receive payments even if you have not incurred out-of-pocket expenses.


The payments can cover regular expenses (rent, utilities, and food). deductibles, and medical co-pays. Insurers often customize plans to complement any existing medical or supplemental coverage. This level of flexibility makes it easier to maximize coverage and to meet your needs.


Waiting periods for hospital indemnity plans vary and you may qualify for payments after 30 days In some cases, insurers do not impose a waiting period for hospitalization due to injuries sustained in an accident. On the other hand. monthly premiums for indemnity plans differ depending on factors Like age. gender. and the type of plan you choose.

What Do Hospital
Indemnity Insurance Cover

Many people erroneously believe that health insurance covers every aspect of hospital visits or stays. Instead. it provides cover for specific procedures and services depending on the type of plan you hold Hence, the need to take out supplemental hospital indemnity insurance.
Doing so allows you to pay for outpatient surgical procedures and overnight stays. The direct payments may also cover the following:
  • Treatment in the urgent roorn
  • Outpatient care lasting less than 23 hours in a hospital surgical facility. or observation unit
  • Accident-related inpatient rehabilitation at a qualified facility
  • Visits to the physician's office to receive care for covered accidents and ailrnents
  • Preventative care for items listed under the Affordable Care Act
  • Emergency trips in a ground or air ambulance
  • Diagnostics laboratory tests. and x-rays)
  • Hospital confinernent for more than 23 hours to treat a covered ailment or accident injuries
You can opt for indemnity plans that focus on specific medical situations, such as accidents, critical illness, and cancer treatment They can augment your other plans by extending coverage.
One might ask

” Do I REALLY need hospital indemnity insurance? “.

Before we answer that, let’s first explore the benefits of availing this insurance.

Although insurers offer hospital indemnity plans with varying coverage options, most plans come with the above-mentioned characteristics. You may benefit from the premium waiver, which eliminates the need to pay a premium if hospitalized for a predetermined duration typically 30 days.
Some plans offer extra benefits. such as coverage for prescription drugs in addition to wellness and preventative services. Indemnity insurance plans are available at affordable prices and should not be viewed as an extra. They provide peace of mind with a total health insurance protection combo.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance:
Is it Worth it?

Indemnity insurance comes with a wide variety of benefits, including closing gaps in coverage, paying a lump sum directly to the policyholder, and fixed premiums. This type of insurance is undoubtedly a family-friendly option that provides cover for the entire family. The coverage extends to various types of ailments and procedures that result in overnight stays or outpatient visits. It also covers maternity stays by paying a predetermined amount for additional days spent in a medical facility.You are free to use the lump Sum payments for any purpose. As such, you may decide to use the funds to pay rent, deductibles, childcare. food, or other personal and medical expenses. With the hospital indemnity plan, you can save a significant amount of money on health insurance premiums.
The plans offer maximum flexibility by allowing you to use the payouts as you wish. Most policyholders opt to use the funds to cover out-of-pocket costs. The best part is that the payouts are tax-free and claims are approved without physical examinations. You can take out a plan even if you have a pre-existing health condition.
On another level, indemnity plans are portable in that you retain your policy even when you change jobs, switch to Medicare, or move to another state.
Another key advantage of taking a hospital indemnity plan is that the policy remains active and provides financial protection. As such, you minimize exposure to financial problems associated with out-of-pocket costs. Many plans Offer free telemedicine visits and the bill negotiator, thus eliminating copay charges.
Your Total Cost would be $602.00
Pretty good deal huh?
But there are a lot of Insurance plans out there.
How do I know I am getting the right one?

Now, to answer the question. Consider this.

Disaster Strikes:
You feel a sharp pain in your side, and quickly becomes unbearable You’re Rushed to the Hospital: You have been diagnosed with appendicitis. with a ruptured appendix. This requires immediate surgery and a hospital stay of 4 days averaging $2,100 per night, not including the surgery.
wait..THAT MUCH?

YES! Your hospital bill is upwards of 6 figures by the time the surgery, hospital stay and even the jelly you ate each day is tallied up.

Ouite bad, right?
Now this is where CleverP01icy steps in.
In an easy 3 step process, you receive a check in the mail to be reimbursed for your out of pocket costs, saving you thousands.

Find the Best Insurance Plan for You: Here's how

Once you are familiar with what is hospital indemnity, you need to pick the right plan for your needs The best option plan provides adequate coverage when you need it Furthermore. you should determine the ideal daily benefit amount based on your overall hospital indemnity coverage requirements. Depending on the type Of plan you select, you may be covered for additional items like maternity visits. ambulance trips, and surgery. Some of the plans also offer increased payments for serious ailments, such as cancer and stroke. Insurers often give you the freedom to use the payout for any purpose you deem necessary as a result Of the overnight stays.

To make the right decision, conduct thorough research, and compare different types of indemnity plans available on the market. Many online platforms provide access to indemnity plan comparison tools. These platforms make it easier to find the ideal option thanks to the side by side comparison tools. You can compare plans based on coverage, prices, and Other factors.

The right plan fits into your current financial situation and coverage needs when faced with a medical emergency. You should consider any expenses you are likely to incur during the hospital stay, including rent, food, childcare, and travel costs.

Also, check whether your chosen plan comes with any specific benefits that are important to you. For instance, maternity visits if you are planning to have a baby. Some options provide coverage for admissions into intensive care units. The payments for care in ICU may be doubled depending on the carrier.

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