Is Short Term Health Insurance Available For Families?

Short-term health insurance is offered to individuals through associations and non-group markets. The product is for those that have a gap in their health coverage. For someone who is looking for temporary cover, affordability, or immediate coverage, short-term insurance is what you need.

Typically, short-term health cover offers insurance for less than one year. Research shows that most of the young families favor short-term insurance. The affordable monthly premiums attract most of them as they average $ 109 for an individual and $ 264 for families.

Things You Need to Know About Short-term Health Insurance

Is short term health insurance available for families? Healthier and younger people favor temporary health insurance for their families more than the older folks. The fact that it covers unexpected illness for a short time makes it attractive to these two demographics. The short-term coverage offers solutions to those who want an affordable way of getting protection from emergency medical bills for themselves and their families.
Additionally, it will offer proof of coverage that is necessary for one to participate in various vocations. Short-term insurance has modest premiums, it is easy to apply, and no waiting for enrollment makes it attractive to many people.

As a consumer, you need to have extensive knowledge of the cover before buying it for you and your family.

• Through the Affordable Care Act, you can only purchase the cover for three months at a time. However, legislation is ongoing to take the short-term insurance limit to the initial anything within one year.
• Short-term medical policies cover unexpected medical expenses. They will not cover maternity, pre-existing conditions, and wellness care.
• The policy starts to cover you almost immediately you buy the package.

Times You Should Consider Short-term Health Insurance

• When you are suffering financial constraints and cannot afford marketplace insurance
• When you do not qualify for special enrollment or miss the open enrollment of the current year
• When you are on a temporary stay in a foreign country
• When you are waiting for a group medical insurance
People Who Can Significantly Benefit from Having Short-term Health Insurance:
• Families who do not get an open enrollment for the ACA marketplace
• Young people who have attained 26 years and are off their parents’ plan
• An employee who is waiting for a group medical cover to begin
• Seniors who attain the age of 65 and have to wait for their Medicare

Benefits of Short-term Insurance for Your Family

There are several gap health insurance plans in the market. They will give you a wide variety of deductibles, policy top choices, and coinsurance.

Easy and Quick Application
Applying for a short term health insurance is straight forward. You go online and fill in the application form on the website. The approval is quick, and it can happen in a matter of hours.

Low cost
Temporary health insurance costs are significantly less compared to ACA health insurance plans. An example is if you are a single male and enroll in maternity cover for an ACA plan.

You do not need it but still, pay for it.In such a case, short-term health insurance comes in handy as it will not cover maternity. You will use the extra money to buy other coverage you may need, such as vision or dental. Temporary health insurance comes in handy for you and your family if you are undergoing harsh economic conditions.

Year-round Availability
The ACA insurance plans are available once a year in an open enrollment period. If you miss a chance to enroll during this period, you will not have a medical insurance cover. You will not qualify for enrollment outside enrollment unless under exceptional and limited circumstances.
However, you can purchase short-term medical insurance at any time.

Cancel Anytime
You can cancel your temporary health insurance at any time without penalties. If you make your payments monthly, you can stop doing so if you no longer need the services. Moreover, there are some plans where you will receive your unused premium back if you terminate coverage before expiry.

Wide network
In many states, individuals and families do not have PPO plans from their ACA insurance covers. Most of the ACA insurance plans only have the HMO. That means you will have to visit a primary care physician who will later refer you to a specialist.

Additionally, the HMO plans do not offer any out-of-network coverage. Having a narrow network of hospitals and fewer doctors is a significant disadvantage. On the other hand, a short-term health cover provides a broad PPO network, and you can visit a health care provider of your choice.

Urgent care
Most of the short-term medical insurance will waive deductibles when you need urgent care. You will only have to pay for the co-pay. You and your family members will benefit a great deal in case of an emergency.

Immediate Coverage
Temporary health insurance starts as early as possible, or any date you propose.


You can get the coverage you are looking for using short-term health insurance and drop it when you get a more permanent solution. You will get a chance to cancel it anytime you want, and you will not have to worry about paying two premiums once you get another cover.

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