Short Term

Blindsided by Balance Billing…

Yes, You Did
Everything Perfectly...
Yet You Still Got
Billed Outrageously

Here’s How to Short’ the American HealthCare
System with Clever Policies that Have All the
Cover with half the Costs

“Wrong if you do.Wrong if you don’t… “

This sums up the american health care system.

If you do have it, then you will likely be :
  • Paying high monthly premiums
  • Unsure exactly what you're paying for and why
  • Having deductibles that don't make sense
If you don’t have it, you risk :
  • Paying up to tens (some even hits hundreds) of thousands in medical fees
  • Depleting your life savings and going into debt
  • Inevitably putting you and your family at risk financially.
Even with the blue-chip premium health care plans, you are still likely to get blindsided by the balance billings of those •out-of-network’ service providers or services.

So how can someone actually buy an affordable healthcare plan, with guaranteed coverage and transparency at a fraction of the cost that most plans charge?

Truth is. It's possible, you just
have to 'short it'...

And by that we mean smart short-term medical plans or “Clever Policies’ designed to give you major medical without actually paying for major medical

Now you may be thinking…
  • Short term insurance leaves too many alternatives for the insurance company to wriggle out of (No coverage for pre-existing conditions).
  • It's not comprehensive coverage.
  • You may be subject to balance billing.
  • You could still end up facing a gap in coverage.
  • There are all these hidden things in short-term insurance that cause out of pocket deductibles
  • If you're healthy, you can risk waiting until the new year to getting a new insurance plan
And for most cases you’re absolutely right…However this is not most cases and we will show you why…
Even with bluechip health care, balance billing will still blindside you
Even with the most premium health care. you are still likely to get caught out.
“A Consumers Union survey conducted this past March indicated that 30 percent of privately insured Americans received a “surprise medical bill” in the past two years, with their health plan paying less than expected.”

Take this scenario for instance

You are a perfectly fit and healthy person. So you don’t see the need for coverage, simply because you are confident about your health. Suddenly something happens to you (heaven forbid) and now you must undergo surgery that cost you probably tens of thousands or even more.
On the other side… let’s say you had premium of the premium blue-chip coverage
You choose your health care plan so carefully working with an agent. You pay extremely high premiums, but it’s worth it knowing you have the peace of mind and coverage you need…
Suddenly something happens to you, you undergo the same costly surgery, yet you’re still billed thousands…How? By those •out-of-network’ services.

So, regardless if you have no health insurance plan in place or you have a blue-chip
blue-chip plan. you’d still probably end up getting the short straw in the end. right?

There is a solution
So If You are Healthy and Don’t Want to Pay $26,000 a Year Just to See the Doctor or Dentist„then we might just be the plan for you.

Here is How to get major
medical without paying for
major medical

Sign-Up for $500

Sign-up for short-term medical on Clever Policy Prices starting as low as $500 per month will give you full coverage and allow for up to [$500].

Help us help you with transparency

We are able to keep our price so affordable by being 100% transparent with our customers on what is required. Work with us to ensure you have full cover for what you need and not paying for the bells and whistles you don't.

Convert short-term policy to major medical for 1/5 the cost with a few simple clicks

If you have pre-existing conditions then simply upgrade and add a 'waiver rider'. This will ensure that even if during your 6 months of coverage something might happen you can still re-join under the same coverage with the same plan AKA major medical without the major costs .

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