What Can You Do If You Can’t Afford Health Insurance?

Actually, you might be better off in some cases when you can’t afford health insurance. That’s because you scrape and save to pay premiums, deductibles and copays, which leaves little money for discretionary spending and small luxuries. Most major clinics and hospital systems offer charity care for a certain percentage of their clients. You can often pay for major medical expenses using charity care, local grants, free neighborhood clinics and other facilities. Other option for financing health care include:

• Join a health group.
• Adjust your income to pay for insurance or qualify for charity programs.
• Investigate joining a catastrophic coverage plan.
• Put money in a health saving account, and HSA, to provide funds for multiple health-related expenses.
• Check out limited insurance programs.
• Try to get a hardship waiver.

Health Insurance for Unemployed

Even without health insurance, if you have few resources, you can apply for Medicaid to cover alf your medical expenses. It seems wrong, but hospitals can’t deny you critical medical services if you can’t pay. If your income is below garnishment limits or comes from Social Security, your debts can’t be collected from these funds, which makes you garnishment-proof.

Unfortunately, you can be denied certain voluntary medical procedures if you can’t pay for them. What can you do if you can’t afford health insurance? Apply for charity procedures or check out local free clinics. Try to join a more affordable healthcare plan.

I Can’t Afford Health Insurance — What Are My Options?

Your healthcare options might not be as grim as they seem. There are plenty of charity programs and government programs like Medicare and Medicaid that help you pay for health care.You can also apply to hospitals and clinics for charity care. Most communities have multiple options to ensure health care for children of families that can’t afford insurance. Health insurance can protect you from hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, but if your financial prospects make paying these bills impossible, don’t stress over them.

The middle class often has an even harder time than the poor because they can eventually afford to pay off some of these outlandish expenses. Those who own homes and property can have them attached and sold to pay off existing medical debts. Fortunately, the Affordable Care Act caps out-of-pocket expenses for those who buy qualifying insurance.

Investigate Off-exchange Plans

The exchanges offer medical coverage to anyone, but the costs can be extremely high for coverage. Trump eliminated many of the subsidies, and many insurance plans raised premiums of those plans that companies are forced to subsidize. As a result, you might find more affordable coverage with an off-exchange plan — at least for the immediate future.

Join a Group for Policy Discounts

There are many groups for which you might qualify for group discounts. Good examples include the Alliance for Affordable Services and the National Association for the Self Employed, which might offer you health insurance at a reduced cost. Professional associations, trade groups and other organizations also offer group health insurance plans.

No matter what kind of financial profile you have, there are many options for covering medical services. Find the type of strategy that suits your income best.

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